Discover which superfood fits best for your personal health goals, body type, and temperament.
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Your number one superfood is beans!

According to your answers, you are more at risk for diabetes. You should strive to reach a BMI under 25, which is

around the following:

5’4’’ - 145 pounds or under
5’5” - 150 pounds or under
5’6’’ - 155 pounds or under
5’7’’ - 160 pounds or under
5’8’’ 165 pounds or under

Why eat beans?

Beans are exceptionally low on the glycemic index. Eating cooked beans (and lentils, peas, etc.) gives you half or

much less than the blood sugar spike compared with bread, pasta or potatoes.

You can still eat other carbohydrates, but always add beans to your meals!

In one study, eating beans for breakfast improves your blood sugar not only for that meal, but for subsequent meals

as well!

That’s because the fiber in beans feeds the healthy bacteria in our colon, which leads to improved blood sugar

control through a complex set of chemical reactions.

Other superfoods which can help you include:

- Coffee
- Green tea
- Ground flax seeds
- Indian gooseberries (amla)

Foods to avoid include: eggs, meat, and high fat/high protein foods.
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Holy Basil
Stress-related illnesses are very common, and can lead to burnout and depression. Eating a healthy diet in general

will improve your well-being, but you should also consider including Holy Basil into your diet. Holy basil is an


Adaptogens are tonic herbs that work with the body and the endocrine / hormone system to bring you into balance.
Holy basil is in the mint family and it’s latin name is Ocimum sanctum.

Holy basil, because of its adaptogenic properties, works to bring the body back to a proper balance – but what I’ve

found is that it works extremely well with people who are experiencing stress and poor adrenal function.

Anyone who takes stimulants, stresses out, or is a high anxiety type, runs the risk of burning out the adrenals to the

point where they don’t produce enough pre-hormones to help regulate the body.

We've found some very high quality holy basil that is cold extracted. We urge you to do your own research, but if

you want a shortcut trust us on this one.You can check this out here: buy high quality holy basil:

We also recommend the practice of meditation, rooibos tea, Indian gooseberries (amla), and intermittent fasting.
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Ground Flax Seeds
Hypertension is a silent killer, if you don’t keep it in check. Ideal blood pressure is under 120/80, but the closer you

can bring your blood pressure to 110/70 or under, the more your body will benefit.

Studies showed that for each point decrease in systolic blood pressure, there is a corresponding 1% decline in

overall mortality.

Drugs are helpful but only when blood pressure is consistently above 140/90. That’s when the benefits of the drugs

start to outweigh the negative side-effects.

However, someone with a blood pressure of 130/85 can dramatically improve their long term health if they can

manage to bring it under 120/80 without drugs.

How do you do this? Eat ground flax seeds every day!

In one study, people who were unknowingly eating ground flax seeds every day dropped their systolic pressure by

10 points. This would cut their stroke risk by 46%! Those who started out with blood pressure over 140 got a 15

point drop.

Another important superfood to recommend is strong hibiscus tea (1-2 cups a day), which has been shown to be

very beneficial in lowering blood pressure naturally.

Foods to avoid are: salt and foods high in sodium, bread (because it contains a lot of salt), restaurant food (for the

same reason), and a diet rich in animal foods and saturated fat. Don’t cook with salt. Add a little if you want for

taste on the surface of the food.
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Your number one superfood is greens!

Greens are the most powerful foods in the fight against heart disease. Eating greens (blended or cooked) increases

production of nitric oxide, an important substance that helps keep our arteries flexible and healthy.

Leading cardiologist Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who is known for his plant-based approach to heart disease,

recommends consuming greens SIX TIMES A DAY to his patients!

According to his method, greens should be cooked 4-5 minutes, and eaten with a drop of balsamic vinegar to

improve absorption of the nutrients.

The more greens you can put in your body, the better. Starting with eating them once or twice a day would be great.

Which greens? There are so many you can try and they are all excellent: kale, collards, turnip, chard, spinach,

mustard greens, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, bok choy, and many others.

Another superfood we recommend is old-fashioned oatmeal.

Foods to avoid include: animal products, coconut oil, other foods rich in saturated fats, vegetable oils, and too much

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Your number one superfood is berries!

Berries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants, and have been shown to lower cancer risk.

Cancer is a complicated illness and there is not one blanket answer. However, from all the research we have done,

we can wholeheartedly recommend berries, alongside beans and fruit, as your main nutritional weapons against


Just as important as eating those three foods on a daily basis, is avoiding foods that have been shown to cause

cancer. Although it doesn’t mean that eating those foods automatically causes cancer, it’s best to put chances on

your side when it comes to fighting and preventing this dreaded disease.

Foods to avoid or minimize include: High-fat dairy products, red meat, processed meat, vegetable oils (because they

are too rich in Omega 6 fats, which increases inflammation in the body), non-organic foods, and alcohol.

Eat a plant-based diet rich in berries, beans and fruit!

Other aspects of health are also important, which we cover in our introduction series that will be sent to you by

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